Thursday, 1 March 2012

Good Luck Fondant Cake

Good Luck Fondant Cake

I always wanted to try and make a cake covered with fondant. I used to browse through the pics of all the beautiful fondant cakes and use to imagine making them. A few days back I did my first attempt. I made a chocolate cake, covered and decorated with fondant. Though I know it lacks the finesse and I'll have to practice a lot but felt so happy when I completed it.. It was a Good Luck Cake made for my elder son appearing for 12th Board Exams. Just hope to lots of work on Cake Decoration....

The picture quality is not so good as I have a small digital Camera and it was taken in the evening time...Everybody was waiting for it to be cut...Shared with some friends it was gone in a few minutes....Everybody thankfully loved it..the taste as well as the looks..!!

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