Sunday, 2 October 2011

Coloured Chocolate Truffles

Coloured Chocolate Truffles

Have been really busy last month with kids exams, guests coming and other things. Could not find much time to bake or shoot for the blog. Then Navratras...and then Diwali round the corner...There are so many things to do and so less time...making chocolates for friends, family and a few orders...Have made these truffle balls with leftover biscuits and dark chocolate...My kids relish anything that is made from chocolate..Its a very very easy and quick method.Hope u will love it...


12-14 marie biscuits
( u can use other biscuits which are not very sweet but marie is best)
100 gms dark chocolate (melted)
50 gms heavy cream (I used Amul)
2-3 tbsp powdered sugar( if  u like it very sweet)
4-5 tbsp mixed nuts

for rolling over truffle balls
coconut powder
chocolate vermicilli
coloured sugar balls
cocoa powder


1. Crush the biscuits coarsely with a rolling pin.
2. Put them in a mixing bowl and add cream.
3. Add melted and cooled chocolate.
4. Lastly add nuts and mix properly.
5. Put them in refrigerator for half an hour.
6. Take the mixture out and make small balls.
7. Roll over coconut powder or vermicilli or sugar balls according to your liking.
8. Place in small paper cups to serve.


  1. Easy and delicious truffles!

  2. Gorgeous looking truffles, loved the clicks too.

  3. wow..that is so easy and very interesting. i have done some cake pops last week..reminds me of that..

  4. wow... yummy looking truffles, love to have them... very nice recipes glad to follow you.

  5. Chocolate is my weakness, n among the different kinds of chocolate the sound of truffles just drives me crazy ~ so perfect n scrummy they look!

  6. Love to try this version....

  7. Its amazing.luved it...... can u tell me without fire nd without refrigerating bcoz i hav a chef day in my school on cumin saturday 6/07/16 so can u plz tell me before saturday


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